Madness Without End

Tales of Horror from the Russian Wilderness 1941-45

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The German invasion of Russia in June 1941 began one of the most savage conflicts in all of human history, much of which, even today, remains almost entirely unknown to the outside world. Western readers are familiar with the name of Stalingrad, but few are familiar with the names of other battles of equally Homeric proportions—Demyansk, Cherkassy, the Volkhov River, to name only a few. Schneider confronts the mystery of the Russian Front in fiction so close to historical detail that even the most ardent student of the time will be satisfied.

These highly detailed accounts are told from the points of view of the Waffen-SS, the German Landsers, Soviet fighter pilots, Danish SS volunteers, and others. You see close-up views of Tiger Abteilung 502 at Lake Ladoga, Arctic fighting in Finland, partisan hunting in the Pripyat Marshes, SS armored battles at Charkow and in the Narew bridgehead.

From the Introduction

“. . . in the West, and particularly in America, the war in Russia remains even today almost entirely unknown. I think it is not an exaggeration to say that for Americans the Russo-German War is the single most under-reported event of modern times.”

From the Book Jacket

“No, dear reader, these are no supernatural tales of horror. No need. The horror of these tales arises from one of the most terrible wars ever fought. It was the biggest armed conflict of all time, fought with a savagery that may have been equalled during other dark periods in history, but certainly never surpassed.

The author has spent many years studying the Russo-German War. Even afficionados of the period are often still discovering new horrors from the war, new details from the seemingly endless battles. These stories are fiction, but the close attention to historical detail will hopefully suit even the most ardent student of the time.

These then are tales of the SS, of the Wermacht and the Red Army, of the partisans, of the great armored battles; of coolness under fire, of savagery, of utter degradation; tales from the trackless forests and steppes of the Russian wilderness, otherwise know as the Eastern Front. . . . “

Eastern Front Books

“Fascinating new release containing fictionalized first-person accounts and small unit actions based on fact from the Russian Front. These stories help illustrate the bewilderment and horror experienced by German soldiers as they entered into bitter combat in a dark and largely unknown country.”

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