Gotterdammerung 1945

Germany’s Last Stand in the East

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from the Book Jacket

“In the past, few titles have covered the final battles on the Eastern Front during the months of January through May 1945. Gotterdammerung 1945: Germany’s Last Stand in the East, breaks new ground in this area bringing to light the desperate operations and battles in and around Budapest, East & West Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, and Courland.

Russ Schneider has collected a graphic selection of memoirs from German infantrymen, panzergrenadiers, and panzer commanders and crewmen who participated in these horrific battles of annihilation. He relates the common German soldier’s experiences fighting the Soviets, the attacks by massed Soviet infantry, the never-ending artillery barrages, the endless retreat, life encircled in the trenches, fighting and dying in a panzer, street fighting in Budapest, evacuation by sea, and the reactions to Soviet brutality and reprisals against German soldiers and civilians.

Schneider follows the hard-pressed Wehrmacht as it tried to defend Germany against the overwhelming might of a Red Army bent on victory and revenge.”

from the Introduction
“East Versus West in 1945—The Last Blow in the West
The only German offensive on the Western Front in 1945 began just a few minutes before the year of 1944 came to a close. Artillery fire, preliminary scouting raids, and scattered air attacks had already commenced before midnight. The official starting date was January 1st.

The German objective was the city of Strasbourg and the American and French armies deployed in Alsace. SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, with no previous military experience, had been placed in nominal command of this operation, which the Germans christened Nordwind—the North Wind.”

Purchase Gotterdammerung 1945 on Amazon

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