More Tales from the Russian Wilderness 1941-45

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“Drawing from the epic clash between Nazism and Stalinism, the author masterfully weaves history and fiction to create a nightmarish vision of ”cauldron” warfare, tiny pockets where encircled Germans hold out against  the Red Army. In the midst of the blood, mud and terror, the book’s  characters confront the chaos of war with only the slightest grip on their sanity.”
- Kirkus Review

Demyansk has been named by the Kirkus Reviews as an Indie Top 50 Best of 2011!

A companion volume to the author’s previous book about the Eastern Front, Madness Without End, Tales of Horror from the Russian Wilderness 1941-1945.


“The radio instructions were brief and the upshot was that I had to go back during the night to talk things over with Strecker in more detail.

By the afternoon of the following day we had crossed over several tributaries, only creeks to judge from their banks, but the water spread far beyond in either direction. We were making for the Lovat while Kurzich’s company flanked us on the north side. Who stood to the south of us I did not know. The woods were very dense again. Endless willowy thickets, hardly trees. Three men were killed by a burst of fire that could have lasted no more than a few seconds. It must have come from very close range but we saw no one. We kept up a steady fire for at least ten minutes, using up a great deal of ammunition. After I gave the cease-fire we laid low for a while longer, reckoning with the terror of the close woods. Despair sucked at you like the uglier ally of exhaustion. We made radio contact with Kurzich’s company, but where they were in relation to us we could no longer ascertain. There was nothing for it but to keep going. Our head count then was twenty two men.”

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